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         WINDOWS 2000  Datacenter  Details  U.S


  • OC3 connectivity with multiple T3 / T1 backup.
  • 24/7 on-site network monitoring
  • 13 GBPs of Bandwidth - Speeds several times greater than OC-48 from UUNet, DIGEX, CRL Net and BBN Planet
  • Class A facility - Generation 5 Network Operations Centre
  • Direct fiber optic connections
  • Redundant Backbones for 99.9% uptime
  • Cisco 12000 and Juniper M20 routers using BGP4 protocol 100Mbps Switches
  • Gigabit Ethernet Internal Backbone 
  • APC UPS power back-up, diesel back-up generator
  • Other companies in datacenter - Akamai , Global knowledge , KPMG .
  • We already host parts of TerraLycos and Microsoft XPERTZONE .



      We Use only brand name, high quality components, Copper (not aluminum)CPU
      Heat sinks, Certified Memory. This ensures a high level of reliability on the server
      hardware. Connected to 10/100 Ethernet Ports.


      We virtually have a near 99.9% uptime record. We don't have any complex legal
      SLAs, our business is built on the years of reputation of high level of customer
      satisfaction from our existing customers. Today, nearly 50% of our new business
      come from our existing customers. We understand the need of 99.9% uptime
      for our customer-base and we know that our customers will take their business
      elsewhere if we do not meet their up-time requirements.        



      We will protect the confidentially of its customers information, account information
      and personal communications to the fullest extent possible and consistent with the
      law and the legitimate interests of its partners, its employees and other customers
      of services. To protect the loss, misuse and alteration of information that is colleted
      from customers, has appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial procedures in



      We take security very seriously, we ensure a safe and productive internet environ-
       ment actively and automatically monitors all of our systems for attempts at brea-
      ching our security or the security of our customers, or attempts to access systems
      or resources that are not available for customers to use or access. We bring to you
      a robust network that delivers the speed reliability and security you need. A direct
      connection to multiple internet backbones from Above net, WorldCom, And Quest
      ensure your site can be accessed quickly from anywhere in the world. Redundant
      power supplies, standby servers, and 24/7 monitoring keep your site secure and
      available. We update all security patches time to time to ensure adequate security.


      Weekly backups are on Terabyte Backup Server. We have IPF W Firewall protectiog
      your entire network and Black ice Firewall for additional security.


         24/7 On-Site Security Guards
         Video camera surveillance
         Security breach alarms
         State-of-the-art smoke detection
         Fire suppression system
         Motion sensors

       Examples of security actions that will trigger security alarms to our
       24 hour / 7 day staffed network operations center are, but are not limited to:

  • Satan or port scans, full, half, fin or stealth
  • Vulnerability probing of any kind on any machines or devices.
  • Ping scans and Ping Floods and ICMP abuses
  • SNMP attempts
  • Mail host relay use or hi-jacking
  • Telnet, FTP, R-commands, etc. to internal systems
  • Attempts to access privileged or private TCP or UDP ports
  • HTTP access without the use of a Web browser
  • Multiple and frequent Finger attempts
  • Excessive resource utilization
  • Source route spoofing
  • Smurf attacks
  • IP number spoofing or masquerading
  • Forging TCP packets or email header information
  • Syn Floods
  • OOB attacks
  • Password cracking or guessing schemes
  • Excessive email postings (SPAM)


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